MPL3D Solar System is an interactive 3D space simulation of the close universe in real time

Download MPL3D Solar SystemMPL3D Solar System is a visual tool to arouse interest for astronomy and to divulge science in an entertaining way.

MPL3D Solar System maps out the majority of the close known universe. Stretching beyond our own Solar System, it reaches out to include another 120 extrasolar planets amongst over 10,000 mapped objects in this interactive simulation. Based on scientific data, every planet has been carefully reproduced as a visual representation, alongside the technical details. You can explore our own planets, exoplanets, nebulae, star clusters, several galaxies and even Sagittarius A*, the black hole that exists at the centre of our own galaxy.


"As an user of MPL3D Solar System, you can expect an immersive experience."

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MPL3D Solar System (Touch)

Now including spaceship mode with newtonian physics for space flight!!!

Touch enabled control for simulation and spaceship modes!!!


MPL3D Solar System (Touch) includes now touch enabled capabilities and a customizable spaceship mode, allowing the user to flight all around the galaxy with Newtonian physics for the space flight.

This is the 5th version of the MPL3D saga, that keeps on with a continuous improvement of the original idea: An astronomy tool for the whole family.

Better textures for celestial bodies and improved graphic effects, including 7 combinations of HDR/Bloom, heat haze for stars and spaceship engines, and revised effects for nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.

Touch control adds a new feeling of intuitive, natural handling, bringing a new experience to the final user.

Spaceship mode enhances the entertainment side of the simulation, and even a fabulous 3d asteroids mini-game has been included. Spaceship control mode has all the common options in this type of simulations, which also include joystick and touch control, to allow a better control of the spaceship.

On the spaceship graphics side, seven configurable cameras, dozens of effects and up to eight light sources. The cockpit includes all kind of gauges for the three crew members, like gyroscope, g forces indicator, mission time, and even a 3d radar of the solar system.


Please enjoy these videos produced with the new version:

Touch control requires a touch input device.

Optimized for Intel Ultrabook® and Windows 8.

Version 1.5 Available



Main features:

  • Explore more than 10,000 real extrasolar objects, including:.
    • Dynamic representation of stars : Main types and variable stars (pulse, eruptive, rotatory, binary and cataclysmic).
    • Full Solar System plus more than 120 known extrasolar worlds. All extrasolar planets are different, based on the scientific data available for them, with appearance changes and atmospheric effects.
    • More than 250 binary star systems, including systems with mass-transfer stars. More than 1000 orbits represented on the whole.
    • Most famous nebulae and star clusters.
    • Six galaxies including Magellanic Clouds.
    • More features, like Saggitarius A*, a black hole at the center of our galaxy.
  • Real star colours based on spectral class.
  • Surface star oscillation.
  • Simulated sunspots and coronal mass eyections.
  • 3d star sound.
  • Logarithmic brightness system.
  • Brightness compensation system.
  • Friendly camera control with mouse, travel with a single click.
  • The object selectors will help you to visit the most interesting systems.
  • The system gallery allows to easily compare all celestial bodies within a star system.
  • Reduce the orbit sizes for a better understanding of celestial mechanics.
  • Watch current positions or travel in time.
  • Voyage from planet or freely across the stars.
  • Visit the enormous existing variety of known stars.
  • Enjoy the hypnotic and everchanging surface of the stars.
  • Enter inside the nebulae and contemplate outerworld views.
  • Enjoy photorealistic representation of our solar system.
  • Take screenshots with automatically generated names.
  • Music inspired in space will make your star voyage an immersive experience.
  • 80-bit internal precision.


Images and media:

The Earth:

MPL3D Solar System - Earth


Scientifically up to date 3d structure of the Milky Way:

Milky Way


The planet Venus:



The Moon:

The Moon


The planet Jupiter:



Extrasolar planets:

Extrasolar planets


Giant star Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis):



Be type star:

Be type star


Castor star system gallery:

Castor star system gallery


Binary and multiple star systems:

Binary and multiple stars


Contact binaries:

Contact binaries


Contact binary star Algol (Beta Persei):

Algol (Beta Persei) - contact binary




Star clusters:

Star clusters





User interface:

User interface


Object selectors:

Object selectors




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